Three of the Best Dispensaries Available on the Market Today

There are a multitude of different medical cannabis apps on the market right now, but the thing that sets them apart is the fact that they are the only ones catering to one specific type of medicine. With some examples of the types of apps available to doctors and patients out there, it might be easy to overlook the very different types of delivery services that exist. While the most common and popular options include the likes of the postal service, and pharmacy websites, there are also a number of other options that you may not have even considered before. Here are some of the best cannabis apps out there in this day and age:


Delivery Direct is one of the best cannabis apps for people who need to purchase or receive their medication through a medical marijuana delivery service. As an app, it allows people who are navigating the laws surrounding medical marijuana in their own state to find the right online retailer who can legally deliver right to their door. The best part about this option is that all you have to do to sign up is to provide a valid identification card from a licensed medical marijuana processor. Once you’ve done so, you will get your application filled out online and then you will be sent a box containing the cannabis.

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While many of the delivery services mentioned above allow patients to sign up online, there is another app that is much more straightforward. Patients who are interested in trying new medical cannabis products without having to worry about the hassles associated with applying or using a card can sign up for an account right on their smartphones. All that’s required is a username and email address and the app will give them access to a variety of different medical cannabis apps. From there, they can choose which types of cannabis products they want, sign up for delivery services, and learn everything they need to know about how it’s sold in their area.