Notary Stamps

5 Dec

Notary Stamps

A Notary Public Corporation, or notary public, is a company organized to facilitate notarization and the recording of legal documents. It is an agency of the state that is empowered to act as an independent notary public for notaries who apply for such a service. The corporation issues notary strathpine, notarized signatures, notary license and other related services to a notary public. All documents notarized by such corporations are authenticated and guaranteed true and legal. This assures clients and others of the authenticity and legalities of the documents that will be notarized. A notary public corporation also makes use of certain specific notary seals which indicate the fact that the seal has been notarized.




A notary public corporation also hires professional notary publics who are called “notary public agents”. These agents perform notarized signature on documents on behalf of their clients and customers and undertake to notarize these documents on behalf of said clients and customers. They work in conjunction with attorneys, court-appointed representatives, and officers of the corporation who act as legal representatives for the customers and clients. Corporate notary publics work under the supervision of corporate attorneys. These attorneys ensure that corporate notaries public comply with applicable state and federal laws.


Notary publics in North Carolina must follow specific state laws. These laws ensure notarization and that corporate notary stamps are authentic. All corporate seals must be notarized by a notary public in North Carolina. Any notarized document that is fraudulently altered shall be deemed as null and void. If fraud is detected, the notary responsible for such fraud may be held personally liable for such fraud.

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