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8 Dec

Signage in Canterbury

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Signage is a big part of the New Zealand culture, what with the Christmas Carol and of course the national sport of cricket. There are so many businesses and private individuals involved in signage christchurch and marketing in Canterbury that it’s no surprise that there are signs for every imaginable thing. Take for example the restaurant at Southlands Shopping Centre, which has four different types of LED signs. They’re all designed to offer something different to customers, with the main ones being usually green and white and showing some kind of cheer, or even some friendly competition. They are also accompanied by big pictures of dogs, and you have to wonder why there aren’t more of these in place.

Signage christchurch – The New Zealand culture

You can also find signage in the form of street art around the city. It’s interesting to see the way in which this art movements evolve as the years go by, always staying on top of the trends and bringing them back to the forefront. In Central Square, for example, you’ll see colourful t-shirts emblazoned with graffiti art, which comes from the tagging scene that goes on in the area. The same is true of Papamoa, where street artists have set up their creations, allowing locals to take in their work and learn about the culture that comes with it. These are just two examples, but you get the idea.


Of course, signage isn’t limited to the streets and sidewalks of Canterbury. One of the most popular areas in the whole city for signage is the harbour. There are so many shops and cafes that face the water, and many of them have stylish modern signs hung above them. Many businesses have also found great success by installing a water clock, telling the time in either an illuminated globe or red digits on a silver background, which helps people keep track of their own daily journey.…