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26 Nov

Where to Buy Second-Hand Tyres

second hand tyres whangarei

One of the best places to look for your second hand tyres is Whangarei. This place offers you a wide range of different tyres for your car and even offers tyres from the most expensive brands, which can provide some great value for money.

Where to Buy Second-Hand Tyres

The reason why tyre outlets are so popular in Whangarei is that the area is relatively new. Many of the larger outlets have been established in other countries, so a lot of the stores and tyres here are from countries such as China and Japan. This means that many of the tyres on offer can be quite high quality, but at the same time it means that they are imported from countries with very poor driving habits! The other reason why this area of New Zealand is very popular with retailers selling second hand tyres is that these stores can offer you a much cheaper price than you would find anywhere else. Many people in the UK will only go for the more expensive tyres when they are looking for a cheaper deal, but there is nowhere else that can give you this type of bargain.


If you want to save money and get the good quality tyres that you need at a good price then Whangarei is probably one of the best places to look for them. It’s cheap, you have more choice, and you can enjoy the quality of the tyres that you buy!

13 Nov

Garage Europa Information

Garage Europa

Garage Europa is located in Mestres at n° 56 in Corso del Vino 56 in Mestres. From the A3 Motorway exit of Mestres Airport, take the right turn onto Barrio Pio Rizzo. Then, just a short distance after the second turn right on Piolotto you will come to a barriera de Mestri. Take the left turn right into the centre of this barriera de Mestri. The first set of traffic lights that you see are signposts marking your exit to the motorway. The second set of traffic lights that you see are signposts marking your entrance to the motorway.

Garage Europa Information

The second point where you need to take care is the right turn left down to the barriera de Mestri. Turn left and then you will come to a second set of traffic lights. These are signposts marking the start and end of the motorway. You will see a roadblock which is a motorway barrier, which you need to take care of. After passing this roadblock, you will come to a final set of traffic lights.

You will need to look in both directions of the road towards your car. You will see two left turn lights just past these traffic lights. There are also three red left turn lights. These lights indicate to you that you have a green light as far as your car is concerned. After all of this has been passed, you will need to look to your left to see if you have to go through another set of traffic lights.