Month: January 2021

20 Jan

Fraser Island Camping – A Great Australian Holiday Experience

Fraser Island Camping is the popular summer destination for tourists, many of whom come on holiday mainly to see the great outdoors. However it is also a very beautiful place to go for a camping holiday. This overnight, or day trip, covers some of the major attractions on the island including Lake McKenzie, which is the longest lake on mainland Australia. With all camping supplies provided including mattress and sleeping bags, all visitors are provided with fully erected tents at the camp site for a more authentic experience.

Fraser Island Camping – A Great Australian Holiday Experience

Lake McKenzie boasts over one hundred and fifty campsites spread over half an area of about three kilometres, so it’s easy to find an ideal camp site, and many sites are wheelchair accessible. In the evenings you’ll find that the beach is particularly busy as boaters and catamarans come here for some late night activities. There are several marinas with water sports for both day and night, including sailing, diving, fishing and swimming. For those who want to try their hand at fishing, Rainbow beach is the best place for younger kids, as they’re only ten minutes away from the marina. If you don’t fancy boating, fishing can be a great family activity, especially if you’re accompanied by your kids – younger children will love to take part in fishing tournaments organized by local companies.

There are plenty of beautiful places to eat on Fraser island, but perhaps the most famous attraction is the Rogalla’s Lighthouse, which was immortalised in the film “Jurassic Park”. This incredible structure looks out onto Lake McKenzie and is built completely on a rock, overlooking the waters. It is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience to walk across a rocky cliff top and into the clear blue waters below! If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can visit the island’s volcano, the Shield volcano, which is open to visitors every day. The main crater is open to visitors but it’s a bit dangerous to approach from the road as it has crevices and sharp edges. If you do decide to climb to the volcano, take care to dress warmly, as you may only be allowed a short time to walk the path to the base of the volcano.

6 Jan

Double Glazing Window

Double glazing refers to the process of insulating a room by turning one or more glass panes into an airtight barrier to stop heat exchange. Insulating glass is made up of either two or several glass window panes attached either by a gap or air-filled cavity to the surface of a building envelope to prevent heat transfer through a specific part of that building envelope. Heat can neither enter nor exit a sealed enclosure, so the heat will not be transferred from the interior of a building to the exterior. In most homes, double glazing is recommended for commercial and industrial buildings where high temperatures are to be avoided, because in those settings, even the smallest gap in the seal can cause increased heat loss. Moreover, installing and maintaining this type of window can help improve energy efficiency.

A typical double glazing window consists of a thin piece of glass attached at both the top and bottom of the frame. The glass is then affixed to frames at both the top and bottom using either screws or nails. This design allows some air space between the glazing and the frames. As a result, the inside temperature of the room will remain constant during the day as well as at night. The type of glass used in these structures depends on the manufacturer and the application.

Many modern double glazed windows are constructed from UPVC, or Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is a high-quality resins used in virtually all fields of industry. UPVC is resistant to rot, mildew, warping, shrinkage, fogging, condensation and scratching. In addition, it is highly durable, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to extreme levels (up to +450 degrees Fahrenheit). Other benefits of double glazed windows include reduced energy costs, reduced noise and increased security. In most cases, they require low maintenance and come with a long warranty, both of which translate into substantial savings over traditional wooden frames.